Residential Lighting

///Residential Lighting

If you’re looking for a good way to improve the ambiance and mood of a room, consider changing your lighting. Lighting has an immense impact on the appearance of a room and your mood while in it.

Recessed Lighting 

If you’re replacing lighting, recessed lighting is a great replacement. Recessed lights provide the same benefits as traditional light fixtures, but lack the visual distraction. Recessed lights are a way to subtly draw attention to design elements without obstructive lighting.

Led Lighting 

LED lighting is an increasingly cost-effective way to light indoor and outdoor spaces, at a fraction of the energy demands of traditional lighting. Though they have a higher initial cost, LEDs last for decades and are a great solution for reducing your electric bill.

Ceiling Fan Installation 

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to aid central heating and air conditioning, by circulating air around the house. In any season, ceiling fans help to reduce your electric bill by moving air around your home efficiently and quickly.

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