Historic Home Specialist

///Historic Home Specialist


Express Electric Service has the understanding and experience with electrical systems in older and historic homes. We understand that older electrical systems need special attention and we provide solutions for your older or historic home that brings it into the present and beyond.
For example, your older home may have real plaster on the walls, making it very difficult to cut a perfect hole for an outlet, switch, or light while preserving the rest of the wall. Or, depending on the age of your older home, it could have knob and tube wiring or even aluminum wiring. Express Electrical Service specializes in older homes so our electricians can handle all types of historic electrical systems.


The most important reason to update your older home’s electrical system is safety. Homes that are more than 30 years old are not equipped for modern electrical demands. When many older homes were built, they were designed with only 30, 50, or 60 amps for the entire home using just a few circuits. A circuit breaker is designed to protect your home by tripping and turning off when the wire running from your electrical panel to your appliances or devices becomes overloaded and in danger of becoming hot and catching fire. In many older electrical systems, the circuit breakers don’t trip despite the circuit being overloaded.


There are quite a few indicators that your system is in need of an upgrade. Check to see if any of the following are occurring in your older home:

  • Your circuit breakers trip frequently
  • Your lights dim when you turn on other appliances
  • The need to use extension cords or adaptors to supply additional plugs
  • Your circuit breakers DO NOT trip
  • You are adding appliances such as an air conditioner or spa

If any of the above symptoms are, in fact, occurring, you should contact an electrician to check your electrical system to see if an upgrade of your electrical system is needed.


Upgrading your electrical service generally means that you are bringing more power into your home and includes two primary components: (1) upgrading your panel and (2) adding additional circuits to distribute power to your rooms and appliances. You will likely need a new electric panel, circuit breaker(s), and wiring to get the job done correctly.
Upgrading the electrical system in your older home can be a time-consuming process and involves a technical acuity that a licensed electrician can best provide. When choosing an electrician, be sure you’re hiring the services of a reliable company or team of professionals.
Express Electric Service can upgrade your electrical service and bring in enough power to handle all of your current and future electrical needs. We will get you up to current code and permanently solve your electrical problems. You can expect honest advice on the condition of your electrical system and we never suggest any work that is unnecessary. We have built our reputation over many years by solving the problems of customers just like you in a prompt courteous, professional and fair manner.
Call today to discuss your home’s need for an inspection or upgrade.

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